A General Guide to Stone Restoration

Our services are personalised to each job, factoring in the stone type, condition, location and desired finish. An inspection (and often test area) is required in order to customise a solution. We can often provide indicative pricing by phone. However, we do not quote site-unseen. For a firm written quotation, a site inspection is always required.

Listed below is a general outline of our stone restoration process.

  1. We remove any residue from floor tiles as best as possible.
  2. We grind the floor with diamond abrasives to remove scratches / damage to tiles and any lippage between tiles, leaving the floor surface level.
  3. We remove existing grout to prevent silica particles from affecting the final polish.
  4. We replace the grout and repair any chips / cracks with polyester epoxy resin. The polyester resin fills the grout joints and any voids under the tiles.
  5. We continue grinding the floor with a series of 7 diamond grits to remove excess epoxy and give the floor a flat, even, seamless finish.
  6. We polish the floor to either a High Shine or Honed Satin Finish.
  7. We apply 2 x coats of sealer to the tiles.

As industry leaders, we are responsible for developing the revolutionary process outlined above. Unlike other operators, whose process involves only 3-4 steps, at ATSR our 8-10 step process achieves a far superior result.

Our expert techniques and attention-to-detail, guarantee you results that set us apart from the competition. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promise to do the job right the first time – our reputation and livelihood depend on it!

Do not entrust your stone to inexperienced operators using inferior products, equipment and techniques. Call ATSR the stone experts to restore the natural beauty of your stone!

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