Tile & Grout Cleaning


When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your biggest investment, we believe in first discussing a range of options tailored to your needs and budget. Our obligation-free test area also ensures we demonstrate the results we can achieve prior to your committing to the full scope of works.

Whether it’s dirt, algae, moss, grease, grime or calcium build-up on the tiles around your home, our tile cleaning service provides results which far exceed those obtainable by conventional cleaning methods.

Our Tile Cleaning Process:

  • The equipment heats the cleaning solution to 110c.
  • The alkaline cleaning solution is applied to the tiles and grout to emulsify the stains and grime that have built up over the years.
  • Tiles and grout are cleaned with powerful truck mounted equipment.
  • After cleaning, we neutralize all surfaces to remove any residue of the cleaning products.


  • Encapsulation technology to ensure no over-spray.
  • Low pressure cleaning ensures our process gives the tiles & grout a deep clean without causing any damage or grout blow out.
  • High pressure vacuum system ensures ALL waste is re-captured and pumped back into our truck.

With our equipment and experience we will have the tiles in as new condition before you know it!

Ready to see the results ATSR can make to your stone and tile surfaces?
For a no obligation quote or demonstration in Sydney,
call Chris McGrath on 0424 900 753 or simply email chris@atsr.com.au